Küttner offers top level collective and individual legal advice, counsel and representation.


The negotiation and drafting of agreements, as well as their realization with regard to collective bargaining law, co-determination law, and works constitution law - specifically as they relate to changes to organizational structures (reorganization / restructuring) - constitutes one of our core practice areas, which focuses on the actual necessities of the individual case and forgoes ideological determinations.

The primary objective of advice and counsel is not the settling of disputes, but rather the avoidance of disputes from the onset. If, however, disputes cannot be avoided, Küttner will represent its clients in disputes with the respective “opposing party“ and provide nation-wide representation in front of government agencies, works constitution law settlement and arbitration tribunals, as well as in front of all labor and state labor courts, including the German Federal Labor Court and European Court of Justice.

Advice and Counsel

The advice and counsel services of the firm’s attorneys cover all employment law practice areas, as well as related practice areas.

Client and industry focus has resulted in individual specialization in the area of company acquisitions and sales, as well as restructuring, in particular, within the scope of reorganizations, outsourcing and offshore ventures. Küttner provides legal counsel to companies, corporations and groups with respect to the restructuring of company retirement/pension plans, the implementation of new work hours/workweek and remuneration models, performance management systems, implementation and enforcement of compliance and data protection policies, as well as company supervisory co-determination structuring options.

The main areas of advice and counsel include:


An essential component of successful employment law advice and counsel is the effective realization of our clients' interest in court.

Küttner attorneys have longstanding experience in litigation across the nation. The attorneys have litigated in front of all labor courts, higher (state) labor courts, as well as before the Federal Labor Court. In addition, all Küttner attorneys are admitted to appear before all civil, administrative, social and fiscal courts across the nation.

Training / Coaching

The one-day and multi-day trainings for board members; executives, managers, and supervisors with personnel responsibilities, as well as works council members, which can be held internally and externally, are an important and successful field of endeavor for Küttner.

Trainings and seminars are offered for groups and individuals. In addition, Küttner offers targeted coaching measures for negotiation preparation. Küttner is also available to support the involved party during negotiations as a sparring partner to discuss strategic and legal questions.

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